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We Specialize in the Following Services:


We are perfectionists when it comes to our carpentry.
We provides high-end quality craftsmanship for any custom carpentry need.
The following are some of the typical custom projects.
We work on : kitchen cabinet, frame, trim work( base board)..door, installed appliances
Decks.drywall. bathroom and anything else.
You can come up with.


It is secure the upper drywall and drywall to the studs.
Apply drywall mesh tape along joints. Apply Drywall Mesh Tape.
Spread joint compound over mesh tape and apply Joint Compound.
Sand dried joint compound smooth. Sand the Surface.

We pride ourselves on having a very precise and comprehensive approach to each and every job we take on. This is especially important when you are hiring a service for drywall installation; you want to make sure that you get a company known for their precision and great attention to detail. That is exactly what we give you here at Top Home Services, consistent and precise results.


That’s the thing about drywall repairs, you aren’t just saving yourself from structural problems in the future; you are also saving yourself a lot of money by not having to repair these larger structural problems in the future. Having a general contractor around like Top Home Services is immensely helpful in preventing these larger scale issues from occurring, by simply doing all the smaller repairs before the problem gets out of hand. Of course, we also do the larger scale repairs as well, so if you need help with any kind of drywall repair.

    • Nails or screws popping
    • Stress crack
    • Patch larger holes
    • Replace with new drywall


We have the highly trained installers who can help you with your flooring needs.
Our professionals are specialized in all aspects of hardwood flooring including installation.
Custom mill work, sanding and refinishing, staircases, hand distressing, stain matching and Natural stains, border work, troubleshooting or inspections as well as repair work for all types of Wood flooring although we specialize in custom hardwood floors, we work with every kind of wood flooring available. We would be delighted to come help bring those floors to life with our quality floor installation services. If you are looking for a high-quality floor installation service in or around the Norcross area that can get you the results that you need, look no further than TOP HOME SERVICES. Call us today for a quote, estimate, or just more information about our services and pricing options.

    • Hardwood
    • Laminate
    • Vinyl
    • Tile


Atlantic Home Services  offers a variety of exterior painting services and every project is given the highest level quality craftsmanship with years of experience.
You can count on TOP HOME SERVICES  to deliver top quality at affordable price.
We are taken a very scientic and systematic approach whether you need to have your property update or a little sprucing up to sell.
We can supply all of your professional painting.
TOP HOME SERVICES  provides many standard services in vacant and occupied units, and we understand. We have the experience and skills you need to change the color of your property to anything that you have in mind. After we are done with the exterior painting job, you will be completely satisfied. Be prepared to receive a lot of compliments from friends, family and neighbors.
The extra care that must go into an occupied unit.
We also contract various other services:

    • Pressure washing
    • Storages, Playhouses, Shutters
    • Stucco Treatment
    • Window and Door replacement cleaning
    • Wood siding and Trim repair and replacement
    • Hand washing
    • Concrete finishing services
    • Garage door and Carport, French door, Gates


We offers a wide variety of interior services for apartment and condo, hotel, commercial property, whether you are looking to make a big change, we are here to help! We can transform the look of your property, whether it is commercial or residential. If you feel like it is time for a change, then TOP HOME SERVICES  is here to lend you a hand. Color of your property to anything that you have in mind. After we are done with the interior painting job, you will be completely satisfied.

    • Wall covering.
    • Primer and Painting
    • Old paint / Wall cover removal
    • Wood refinishing
    • Kitchen laundry room
    • Living room, Dining room
    • Walls, Ceilings. Doors, Ranch door


Epoxies are one of the most adaptable and widely sold high performance polymers in the world commonly. There is an abundance of confusion today from homeowners looking to put an epoxy finish down on their garage floors.

    • Garage Flooring
    • Electronics
    • Outdoor


Stains are economical to maintain, and they resist cracking, peering and blistering when Applied according to the manufacturer’s directions.
What s difference between Stain and paint?
It is composed of pigment and a vehicle, ingredient that perform the same function as they do in Paint, both stain and paint provide protection and add color, but that is where the similarities.

    • Semitransparent vs. Solid Stain
    • Oil Stain vs. Latex Stain
    • Stain Concrete, Cabinet, Wood Surface


Bathtub refinishing will save you 80% over the replacement of a new bathtub!!
When it comes to bathtub refinishing we are the experts! Bathtub refinishing with NCR is the fast and easy way to experience bath remodeling at a fraction of the cost of replacement of a bathtub or installing bathtub liners. Bathtub refinishing can be done on:

Add15 years to the life of your tub.
Resurfacing will give you save time and avoid the mess and noise of a remodeling.
Update the look and color of your bathroom. Avoid the risks, mess and costs of a demolition.
All work is done by highly trained,


Do you have unsightly or damaged tiles in your bathroom or kitchen? Looking to replace it? Refinishing your tile bathtub surrounds or ceramic tile on your walls or countertops is both, economical and practical alternative to replacement. Buying replacement tile can be expensive, and the process of removal and installation can be a hassle. If you have chipped or cracked tile in your home or are looking to update the color of your tile for a more modern look. Call us today and ask us about our bathroom tile resurfacing services. We use specialized fillers and compounds to fill in any cracks, holes, or missing grout lines, and once the reglazing process is complete, your tile will look brand new and will be easy to clean with a mild liquid cleaner. If you have some old tile on your property, then you need to resurface it to bring it back to looking great again. TOP HOME SERVICES  takes pride in the work that we do for our customers. We will make sure that the finished job comes out looking exactly how you had imagined it.


Kitchen Countertop Refinishing, Bathroom Vanity Refinishing made easy! Looking to upgrade your updated or damaged counters in your kitchen or bathroom. Most Countertops or cabinets are in great shape and only need a color change or have cuts, burns, chips or maybe just need a fresh new finish to modernize a room. It’s interesting how a clean, attractive new shine on ordinary kitchen counters and cabinets can dramatically improve the look and feel of the room. Without even touching the walls or replacing the appliances, a skilled countertop or cabinet refinishing job can make your customers’ kitchens seem larger, brighter and more comfortable These are precisely the results our clients are looking for, and we’re standing by to provide you with the quality workmanship on our refinishing services. Our capabilities allow you to quickly and easily pick the exact colors you want for your kitchen deco so that the shining new counters perfectly complement their surroundings, and exciting product developments like the Stone-Fleeces formula open the door to the most luxurious looking styles available. Add15 years to the life of your tub.
Resurfacing will give you save time and avoid the mess and noise of a remodeling.
Update the look and color of your bathroom. Avoid the risks, mess and costs of a demolition.
All work is done by highly trained, licensed professional.